If installation of LanguageTool in LibreOffice/OpenOffice didn't throw an error but you are not sure if it actually works, please load this document and follow the instructions in it.

Common issues

  • LibreOffice comes with its own integrated grammar checker (LightProof) which disables LanguageTool for English and Russian. Use Options -> Language Settings -> Writing aids -> Edit... to disable LightProof and enable LanguageTool for the language you are working with to make LanguageTool work.
  • Make sure Java 8 or later is selected in LibreOffice (Tools -> Options -> Advanced) or OpenOffice.org (Tools -> Options -> Java). For Mac users: LibreOffice (Preferences -> LibreOffice -> Advanced).
  • Note that if you have a 32-bit version of LibreOffice/OpenOffice, you will also need a 32-bit version of Java - LanguageTool will not work otherwise. Apache OpenOffice doesn't provide official 64-bit versions for Windows and Mac yet, so you will need a 32-bit Java on Windows and Mac.
  • If you get "Could not create Java implementation loader": If you have this problem on 64-bit Windows, it may be caused by a 64-bit version of Java. Apache OpenOffice on Windows is only built as a 32-bit application and will not work with a 64-bit Java. You need to use a 32-bit build of Java for Windows. (OOo bug #118346). If that doesn't help, please try these suggestions.

Other issues

  • If you get "This media-type is not supported: application/vnd.sun.star.package-bundle2.0.00" during installation, please consider resetting your OpenOffice user profile.
  • If you get an error that says "Invalid memory access", make sure LanguageTool is installed in a path that has no special characters (use a-z, A-Z and 0-9 only).
  • If you get "Failed to load rules for language ... Caused by java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Loading rules failed: Duplicate class definition": For some reason LanguageTool is installed twice as an extension in LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org. You can try deleting the directories listed in the error message after making a backup. (The directories to be deleted have random names like "EE31.tmp_" or similar - exit LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org before deleting anything).

If LanguageTool still doesn't work properly for you, please post to the forum describing the problem and letting us know which version of LanguageTool, LibreOffice/OpenOffice.org and which operating system you are using.